Mobile Trading

Should you trade via your mobile phone?

For a day trader at the stock market, a buy or sell is just about the right timing. In this volatile market, it is very important to spot an opportunity and hold it within seconds. However, this could be a problem for those who don’t have access terminals every times or are travelling more often. The solution is to go for online mobile trading with GlobalCTB. Yes, mobile trading brings stock trading at your fingertips. A lot of people have now switched to mobile trading. The trading market has also witnessed an exceeding growth in traders in the past four years post the surge in sale of smartphones.

How to commence with mobile trading?

A lot of retail investors favor mobile trading because their investing ticket size is less. The rise in the production of affordable smartphones and the inexpensive internet plans has added to it. If you are a trader, then all you need is a smartphone along with a trading account at an online broker platform. Just download the trading app and you are ready to start. You can send an online request to the trading platform to activate your account. After that you can just log in with your client ID and password.

Stock market is available to all now

Mobile trading has made the stock market available to all types of traders. People who didn’t have access to computer can now trade via their smartphone. And because of this, people in remote areas are also trading.

A lot of brokers provide mobile app

The brokers with their websites online are providing mobile trading facilities too. All leading brokerages are offering mobile trading platforms. The apps allow the brokers to get more and more traders to their platforms. They try their best to offer unique features to their users.

Things you can do with mobile trading app

The app allows you to transfer your money from your bank account to your mobile trading account and vice versa, via your smartphone. It also never lets you miss any trading opportunity when you are not in front of your desktop. It offers you trading ideas other than giving access to financial data of a particular company. A lot of mobile trading apps also have charting tools to help traders.

Fees for mobile trading

Brokers charge fees competitively on their mobile trading platforms according to levied on their websites. The rates are usually lower in comparison. Some brokers charge low transaction rates too.

Should you switch to online mobile trading?

Well, there is no reason to not to switch to mobile trading. Those who have used computer terminals for years can now get all its features on their mobiles too. So, there is no compelling reason to not to make your switch. Plus it gives you additional benefits like trading even while you are on the go. Mobile trading is evolving and adopting new technologies to offers its users with more feature rich services. Switch to mobile trading to avail its benefits now.